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Sex With A Ukrainian Girl

Sex with a Ukrainian girl. I want to address the idea of Ukrainian girls having old fashioned values and not being willing to partake in sex until waiting some indeterminable amount of time. Too often, I see 20 something or early 30 something Ukrainian girls toting around a western or foreign man along with a translator. Usually, the Ukrainian girl and the translator are leading this foreigner to a shop or shopping center to buy something for the Ukrainian girl. However, the Ukrainian girl is not open to holding this man’s hand, not open to wrapping her arm around this man, or allowing him to do the same to her.

Ukrainian Girl

Ukrainian Girl

WAKE UP!!!! Sex with a Ukrainian girl is not much different from sex with an American girl or British girl. Ukrainian girls have the SAME PHYSICAL AND SEXUAL FEELINGS AND DESIRES AS MEN DO!!! YOU ARE THE MAN IN THIS RELATIONSHIP! WHY ARE YOU ALLOWING HER TO DICTATE EVERY MOVE? ARE YOU TRULY THIS NAIVE OR STUPID? I DON’T THINK SO!

I assure you Ukrainian girls want to be touched and to touch. Here is what I look for when moving toward sex with a Ukrainian girl. Is there some sort of progress in the physical aspect of the relationship? Is the girl expecting something from me? (Buy, buy, buy?) Is she willing to give to me? Is it difficult to spend time with her? Does she always seem to be busy when I am available? After all, I did travel 6,000 miles to meet her. When I try to hold her hand, does she pull away? When I try to touch the top of her thigh in a restaurant, is she comfortable with that? How about putting my arm around her waist at a restaurant?

Having lived in Ohio, Illinois, Florida, New York, and California, I’ve come across all types, and sex with a Ukrainian¬† girl is not much different. When a Ukrainian girl likes you, she will want to express herself physically and sexually with you. If you’re a foreign man visiting Russia or Ukraine and over 50 years old, PAY ATTENTION TO THIS!!!

I am talking about men who are serious about finding that soulmate or wife. I am not talking about someone just trying to have sex because we are men and that is what we are programmed to do.

Sex with a Ukrainian girl is about progress. In California, I expected a girl to kiss back on the first date, become passionate on the second, and then proceed from there. Imagine the timing of sex is just delayed a bit. At the end of the first date with a Ukrainian girl is a kiss on the cheek. See how she responds. At the end of the second date, go for the lips. The third or fourth date should be a passionate kiss, and by the fifth date, there should be some electricity. If there isn’t, save your time and save your money and move onto the next girl. Don’t expect her to have sex with you the first time you visit. That probably won’t happen because there have been 15 years of men coming here promising the world. So, just be patient. However, when talking to her regularly on Skype, or using Viber to text with her for free, you can and will develop a relationship with her if there is chemistry and if it is meant to be. So, pay attention to the signs. If there is no progress, stop spending your money and your time. If there is progress, no matter how small, keep trudging forward. A assure you, sex with a Ukrainian girl is as rewarding as anything in the world. Sex with a Ukrainian girl.

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