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Russian Ukrainian Women – Blowing off a little steam

Originally posted July 20th, 2012

There is a wonderful discussion forum about Russian women which I think is awesome. I believe that my book is in line exactly with what they are trying to do on this site – which is help Western men to be as informed as possible, and to give them a place to ask questions about Russian women, receive answers, and have the safest, most efficient discussions. Many men on this site talk about their journey in attracting and keeping a relationship with Russian women, Ukrainian girls, Ukrainian women, Moldovan girls, Moldovan women, and much, much more. .

However, they are not open to allowing my book to be spoken about or sold on their site. They have warned me from mentioning or promoting my book, blog, or site. The Western Man’s Guide to Russian and Ukrainian Brides has received positive reviews from those that have taken the time to read it so far.

I have repeatedly tried to contact the owner of the site in an effort to allow him to read my book for free, and of course, if and when any copies are sold on his site, he gets to keep a large percentage of the money generated from my book. I am not interested in being greedy or tight-fisted. My motto is stolen from Zig Ziglar. Ole’ Zig said, “You can get everything you want by helping enough other people get what they want”.

I know that there are rules in place against commercial advertising and promoting on this site for a reason. I don’t want this site to degrade backward into a sell-a-thon. I like the way that the site is right now. However, I also know that my book has so much to offer men, as one man said, it is actually needed in the marketplace.

My intention is only to help people.

I will print the intention of my book here for each of you to read. You can judge for yourself.

And, if one of you can be in contact with the owner of this site, please let him know that I want to be part of the solution, not part of the problem.

Thanks for listening to my rant.

Intention of this book

For many men, the quest for the girl of their dreams has taken them through many twists and turns and has eluded them despite many years of time, effort, and energy trying to satisfy that which all men crave; love and companionship. Unfortunately the majority of men approach the process of finding love in a fashion that inevitably leads to failure, which in turns leads to emotional and financial devastation. The casualties far exceed the successes and it is this knowledge which has inspired me to commit years of my time and tens of thousands of hours of research into understanding the reasons behind these failures, but more importantly, helping to understand how to make men’s quest a success. The ultimate goal of this publication is to help each man to find and keep the girl of his dreams, and thus breaking down previously impenetrable barriers to matrimonial happiness.

This book is for that man who wants to get married, perhaps wants children, has children, or that doesn’t mind a girl with a child. I believe in a healthy, long-lasting, beautiful relationship between a man and a woman. My goal is to try to help the man who is coming to Russia, Ukraine, or Eastern Europe with the purpose of finding a bride. I want to help the man who is looking for love and is looking for a life partner.

This book is not geared toward those men who might be seeking the casual encounter. While you will likely find some of the information in this book useful, it wasn’t designed specifically for you. The book might help you too, but that is not my intention.

The ultimate goal of this book is to help those with an open mind and those that are open to being helped. If you believe you already know exactly what to do in order to succeed in your quest for a Russian bride / Ukrainian bride, then you do not need this book. But, if you believe it is possible for you to see, hear, or learn something you had not seen, heard, or learned previously; then this book will help you. If you think it is possible for you to learn at least one useful piece of information from this book, then this book will be worth it for you to read. You will get out of this book as much as you put into it. My request is that as you begin to read this book, you ask yourself a few simple questions;

What can I see that I have not seen before?

What can I learn that I had not learned before?

What new point of view can I consider that I had not considered before?

How can I tweak my current knowledge or opinion in a way that might improve my chances of reaching my goals?

How can I achieving my dream of finding a Russian/Ukrainian bride and having the long term, healthy relationship that I so deeply desire?

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  1. What is the site? Did I miss it?

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