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Odessa Nightlife

Odessa Nightlife. Yesterday evening was the closing party for the Odessa Ukraine nightclub Ibiza. Odessa’s Ibiza is famous throughout Eastern Europe. It is an outdoor bar, restaurant, nightclub, and beach lounge. So, if you want to lie on the beach during the summertime in Odessa, eat a nice meal with great service near the beach, lie next to and swim in one of Ibiza’s two beach side swimming pools, rent a bed near the pool or next to the beach, or just be part of the insane Odessa nightlife, Ibiza is the place to be.

Odessa Nightlife

Odessa Nightlife

As an outdoor nightclub in Odessa, Ibiza can hold about 5,000 patrons at capacity, and last night’s closing party surely hit that figure. Since it is an outdoor club, Ibiza closes for the winter, and this party was rocking! Among Odessa nightlife. the cost of admission translated to about $25 US for men and $18.75 for Ukrainian girls. A client of mine who has been thinking of doing business here in Odessa observed that there were many Ukrainian girls who paid their own way meaning they were available. Upon entrance into Ibiza in Odessa, Ukraine, there are three possible ways to go. Down the stairs goes down to the stage are. There are multiple tables there for patrons who want to spring for the approximate $150 for a table plus the mandatory $60 fruit plate. However, for those with a large party, I think it is definitely worth it. The stairs also go up to the right and left. There is a bridge overlooking the stage that leads to the back area, where there are several bars, seating, the pools, and the beach. There are countless beds and tables for those that do not want to spring for a table near the stage. Great Odessa Ukraine nightclub.

Of all Odessa nightlife, Ibiza really delivers a great atmosphere, hoards of gorgeous young Ukrainian girls, and numerous huge screens showing the action on stage. Live entertainment with phenomenal singers and dancing going from midnight until about 3:30 am. The music was mostly industrial techno dance music. I had never been to a closing night in Odessa nightlife before. Last night’s closing party really was a head turner as the Ukrainian girls of Odessa were dressed to impress. Every Ukrainian girl wore tight fitting clothes, accentuating her femininity. Ukrainian girls and Odessa girls really are beautiful. Among Odessa nightlife, Ibiza’s atmosphere and overall cost seem really reasonable. I am not a club guy, but I would recommend Ibiza for those that love the Odessa nightlife.

We danced for about 4 hours, met many gorgeous Ukrainian girls, and then headed home. Odessa nightlife. The place to be from May 1st to September 15th. Odessa Ukraine nightclub. Odessa nightlife.

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  1. I missed you I was there that night – too funny)

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