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Mail Order Bride Scams

Mail Order Bride Scams – Is it true that there are Mail Order Bride Scams out there? Is it possible Mail Order Bride Scams exist? I am here to tell you there is no such thing as a Mail Order Bride. So, any company who claims to be a Mail Order Bride Agency, Mail Order Bride Company, or Mail Order Bride Firm is definitely running one of many possible Mail Order Bride Scams.

How do I know Mail Order Bride Scams exist? I have lived in Odessa, Ukraine for more than three full years. When I first arrived in Ukraine, I got a job teaching English. I openly shared my goal of finding a beautiful Ukrainian wife. I made friends quickly, and one Ukrainian girl was generous enough and gracious enough to show me where to go to use an internet club. She even had to show me how to use the computer and keyboard since everything was in the Russian language and I could not yet understand Russian language.

After almost a month, I moved to Odessa, Ukraine. Once in Odessa, I continued my search for a beautiful Ukrainian wife. I would check my mailbox looking for a beautiful Ukrainian wife while at work. At the English school where I worked, there were three young Ukrainian girls who taught English there. The three of us quickly became friends. One Ukrainian girl in particular saw me on the most popular Ukrainian dating site and said, “That Ukrainian dating site is part of the Mail Order Bride Scams!”

Mail Order Bride Scam

Mail Order Bride Scam

I responded, “That’s impossible!”

She responded by telling me she had been a translator for said site for more than a year. She told me she was in charge of 6 beautiful Ukrainian girls and it was her job to know these beautiful Ukrainian girls extremely well. She had to know their likes, their dislikes, their history, and their goals. Then, she took this information and wrote letters to unsuspecting men on behalf of all of the beautiful Ukrainian girls. She insured me none of my letters had ever been read by any of the beautiful Ukrainian girls I had written to. It was all part of the Mail Order Brides Scams.

Mail Order Bride Scams??? I didn’t believe her at all. Each of the next ten days, I came into work and told her to her face it was impossible! There were not Mail Order Bride Scams. However, after a week, I recognized something familiar in this girl. I realized I had actually written letters to this exact girl on this exact site about one year ago! I had saved my last letter to her. She was right! Mail Order Bride Scams do exist!

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